Thursday, 1 March 2007


Sitting down to formulate the next two months work, Clarinda and I began to feel a little ill at the length of the ‘to do’ list. Minute by inexorable minute, as each and every issue came up for discussion a line was added to the list. It’s nothing new really. It just feels like a lot more this year because of the other well documented matters that we all have to incorporate into our schedules. Events are sprinting towards us every day – next week, the first of the L’amore lectures for example – and it is now even time to discuss invitations and lists of guests for the first night. It’s March. It’s mental.

Friends continue to flood the box office with booking forms and from those processed the average number of tickets per member is very healthy. Exciting, too, to see how well Lakme and L’amore are doing. It is a weird time of year now that people are actually parting with their hard-earned because essentially, that which they are buying does not yet exist in anything but name alone. Productions are not settled, designs not finalised etc. Casts are done of course but nothing tangible really exists until the shows go into rehearsal and things begin to be made and built. There’s no going back now though!

The company did anther visit to a day centre for a group of elderly people. Everyone came back feeling very moved and excited by it all. These people took the time to speak with James and quite a few expressed their feelings about the singers they had heard. It was very rewarding.