Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Plugging away

A productive day ended with Chelsea winning the FA Youth Cup which is something I couldn't let pass without remark. Orchestra pit installations, lighting and electrical fit ups and fancy new concertina shutters on the bars and whizzy new surtitle monitors are one thing but the new generation of Chelsea stars is quite another.

Large pieces of set have begun to appear on site - some early technical rehearsals take place on Saturday - so within days we become a working theatre which will be nice. The process of this build has been very illuminating and I cannot begin to list the alternative solutions I now have firmly in mind but that is for the autumn; right now we are on course for an exciting season and the general build up in the public mind is gathering steam.

Julia is grafting away on the season magazine which is a complex beast, juggling with our first night invitation list and a multitude of other tasks. She seems able to manage without my constant presence and only being here for a few months appears not to be relevant. That tends to be the way of things at OHP - vertical learning curves. Soon an intern from Harvard university arrives for a few weeks and she too will be flung into the fray!
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