Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kefalonia Day two

Spent the morning in Agostolli, the capital of the island an where a cruise ship loaded with a thousand Italians had just docked. I got outta there fast on the back of a motorbike and set out for the famous Myrtos beach. I spent the afternoon in Sami. Which is on the other side of the island from Myrtos entirely but I now have a map and fully intend to post a picture of Myrtos tomorrow. The ride across the central mountains was, however, uplifting and whilst it strikes me that there is nothing totally unique about Kefalonia, it is nevertheless a beautiful island...with shit -very shit- road signs.

After lunch back in the capital, I returned to the hotel pool and found, to my glee, that the Little Greek Gits had vanished for the day. The cacophonous music was still there but less intrusive when I stuffed my lugholes with earphones and listened to I gioielli della Madonna. As I write, sitting at the pool bar after dinner and a chat on Skype with Sally and Fiora, Greek pop music has begun to emanate from the speakers so this might be a short blog.
In fact, that's it. I am off to bed with Lady Antonia Fraser (her book).