Monday, 20 June 2011

Outfox-ing the weather

Well what a weekend. Two performances of Fantastic Mr Fox had to be moved to the deck inside the theatre because of the threatening clouds. One of them was for Liccy Dahl and supporters of the Dahl charity so we were disappointed they didn't get the full version. However, it proved to be a good call because within minutes of kicking off a storm of biblical proportions broke right above us delivering hail and the sort of torrential rain you usually see in the tropics. James and I, soaked through in suits, could be found trying to stem the tide of water running into the deck with yard brooms. We are nothing if not an egalitarian company. It was a Herculean effort by all concerned and the show went on. Another performance later in the day and another yesterday passed off with little dramatic weather intervention. We really must be out of our minds.

This week we look forward to the final performances of Don Pasquale and Fritz before Figaro and Rondine move into the theatre next week. Exciting times...again.