Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Crisis? What crisis

As quickly as the air chaos ensued the difficulties abate. We really can make a mountain out of a volcano. If the Axis powers in 1940 had waited for snow etc..well if they had stirred up an Icelandic volcano...

I have always had an admiration for the Icelanders; a nation with the population of Kensington and Chelsea has produced world class footballers, opera singers, pop acts AND managed to fleece half of Europe's population of their savings. There is a joke going around that says the Icelanders offered to switch of the volcano is we stopped telling them to pay us back.

I had another alarming dream last night in which I attended a rehearsal of Forza only to discover that everybody was singing in English. Now I don't want to ignite a debate about original language versus translation - it's just that the alarm in the dream stemmed from the fact that we have told everybody we are singing it in Italian. I took this up gingerly with James (who, it has to be said is appearing far too frequently in my dreams) concerned that he would be faced with another hurdle only to find he knew about it all along! I woke up just before I hit the ground.

These dreams about work might make you think that I am worried and concerned about everything which I'm not. But when I have a dream about carpenters I will consider therapy or retraining as a milkman or something.