Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Building blocks

It has long been an ambition to move the security hut in which our site guardian lives from the line of site of our audience. It has been a carbuncle on the aesthetic journey of the last few years and now we have a solution; we have put a smaller one on the other side of the wall. However on visiting the site yesterday I was met by something that gave a good approximation of what the Colossus of Rhodes must have looked like. Perched on spindle legs was a small metal box with shuttered windows - the roof of this thing was into the lower bowers of a huge horse chestnut. The operative who will use it is going to need a harness and rock climbing skills to get into it. It is henceforth known as the tree house but those legs are going to need lowering because when I said we have lofty ambitions for the site I wasn't being literal.Generally speaking, the steel rises in preparation for the canopy install (as the pictures illustrate)

Opening the door to change can always invite the cold wind of calamity to blast through your carefully laid plans. Our carefully laid 'lawns' and plywood are under threat from anxious cherry picker and crane drivers at the moment too. Gentle coaxing helped them solve a potential problem yesterday and our lawn continues to be bruise and rut free but a watchful eye will need to remain focused on them.Today I am meeting a chap who aims to launch an outdoor opera festival in France and who wants to pick my brains about our operation. I'm certain he'll have lawns on the site he intends to use so he has come to the right man.