Thursday, 28 April 2011

Conspiracy theories

The idea that a President of the US needs to produce his birth certificate is bewildering. I l like conspiracy theories, even though I usually think them all to be lunacies. It is fun trying to make them fit the outcome that is desired.
I have a conspiracy theory about Opera Holland Park too. I like to fantasise that there is a large contingent in the world of opera who don't like us very much. Like all good CT, there is often one or two things that reinforce the theory; like a recent national newspaper arts editor who decided there would be no reviews of our productions because we are not adventurous enough. That is true. The fact it is specious bollocks doesn't, however, mean that there is a conspiracy theory. It just means the editor in question doesn't get out enough.
There are others too. I am toying with becoming an official pariah in the world of opera, volunteering myself as a rent a quote who criticises all the unspeakable nonsense that happens in the business. One tends to avoid doing that because there is a fear that people won't like you very much if you do that....(erm, hold on. Ed.)

Anyway, back to reality. The theatre is nearly finished and will soon be ready for the company to move in. I shall have a word with James about our adventurousness and enquire firmly about our plans to engage a unicyclist to direct our production of Gerhard Rosenkrone Schjelderup's 'Sampo Lapolil'. That should get that arts editor salivating.