Monday, 10 May 2010

I'm never going to drink again. Ever.

Yesterday was a day of celebration for Chelsea fans. I live near the stadium so it was easy to get out among the celebrants and to meet up afterwards with a few pals. I am afraid, however, that I may have toasted the Premiership too vigorously; today is not a good one to be meeting sponsors which is just one of the tasks I am scheduled for. I had to forego my walk to work but within seconds of getting on the train I wished I hadn't. Having been held up only by the compacted commuters around me, we then got held up at a red light for what felt like hours. So I got off to recover at a cafe in Earls Court from whence I write this. I shall stroll gently to work from here, bathed in milky sunshine and hoping nobody bumps into me since there would be just one outcome (and I am not sure I would be able to get up again.) Still it was a great day. I think.

We finish the theatre this week and the company take up residence in full from the weekend. That's a big moment for obvious reasons and it's a short hop from here to first night.

Actually I don't think I can manage that stroll so I'm off back into the station...
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