Monday, 22 August 2011

Films and Harvest Festival

Today the deconstruction of the theatre begins. In six months we will be putting it back up. Oh well...

The weekend was taken up by Nomad Cinema and three films. They seemed to do very well and a whole new crowd were wowed by the spectacular "cinema" with the huge screen stood in the orchestra pit. But what a messy crowd! The wandering in and out of the auditorium took some getting used to as well. Give me an opera crowd any day of the week. Still, it was a great success - and is there a better place to watch "Cinema Paradiso"? (Not the director's cut, which upset me a bit). They had a band of Macedonian musicians playing chirpy folk music from the
Balkans which is of course the wrong side of the Adriatic for this particular film but it had moderately local flavour. Well done to the Nomad and maybe we will see them back again sometime.

After a short break, the office will be back into full flow in September with much to be settled before Christmas and the intensity of the New Year. It is a short window of opportunity to confirm the details of the next build, set budgets in stone and strike deals with sponsors and supporters. And of course there are the productions to bring to life. The next year is going to be intense with not only the 2012 season to get ready but also the future structure of the company to establish, ready for the 2013 season - the contents of which will be hopefully agreed in short order.

In the immediate future, Fantastic Mr Fox goes to Alex James's Harvest Festival in Oxfordshire. I will be sunning myself atop a Greek mountain at the time but my thoughts will be with them all!