Saturday, 13 March 2010


I have deleted the Villazon post; I'm not a critic..

I have the latest variant/mutant retroinfluenzavirus etc that Fiora has made firm friends with at nursery. She invites them over without asking; they arrive about once a fortnight and enjoy coming here, turning up in Bermuda shorts and sunglasses and making themselves very much at home. Fiora (who is asleep in the new gum boots she refuses to remove)merely has a runny nose for an hour but I appear to encourage greater aggression and bring out the worst in them. They in turn bring out the worst in me (ears, nose, cough etc). I think I would prefer the hangover.

It was a good week for the build. Monday, weather permitting, will see the fabric unfurled and readied for hoisting into position. Once the sky is blotted out the creation of the theatre can begin in earnest and I am only worried by the fact everything seems to be going well. People like us are not at our best when things are going well - it's a little perverse I agree but that is just the way it is. I might invent a problem tomorrow (come to think of it I haven't yet dealt with Tarzan's security hut?)

Friends are booking thousands of tickets but I will not have the clear picture for a little while. The Friends, at all levels, are being terribly generous and supportive at the moment; our membership is well up, donations are growing, our lecture series could have been sold twice or even three times over and the annual 'Prelude' concert is almost at its limit. To top it all the new production syndicate has been very popular at our first attempt. All very humbling really and our gratitude is endless.