Monday, 27 June 2011

Finishing on a high

The toughest most endlessly problematic two weeks of recent years came to a triumphant closeon Saturday night when the gorgeous L'amico Fritz ended it's run in warm weather and in front of a packed out, ecstatic audience. Everybody was sad to see it ending which is the sign of a happy company and a good show. The reviews, culminating in a fabulous one in the Sunday Times said everything that needs to be said; "this was vintage Opera Holland Park".

Naturally, with the recently arrived hot weather comes the threat of rain and so it is that today we expect torrential downpours later on. The exciting Figaro and La rondine are working in the theatre this week so hopefully it will be brief.

This week is also about meeting and assessing companies who want the job of helping us set up as a private company and charity - a development we are currently exploring. Exciting times ahead...