Wednesday, 14 February 2007

The man from Kogorah, he say No

All of a sudden, issues that need to be dealt with are forming a long, disorderly queue. And I am not sure where to begin. I am yet to wave goodbye to the theatre build and design since a last minute change of configuration required two solid days of discussions over the telephone with men who know about such things. Thank heavens for computer-aided design! You'll be pleased to know that the upshot of these shenanigans is a centimetre more width to each seat. Yes I know it doesn't sound a lot. It is though. Trust me.

Clive James has declined the invitation to the Hall of Fame. As I suspected, now he has his new show on Radio Four, he has plenty of airtime with which to explore any number of art form. And that includes opera of course. I have several other people in mind though so there is no need to think the disappointment will end there.

Hundreds of Friends booking forms are pouring through the box office door right now but I am unable at this point to gauge what that means in sales terms. We’ll soon know.

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