Sunday, 20 May 2007

Build, build ,build

Suddenly, the site is a forest of aluminium. I've christened the site Ali Pally.
Someone else has dubbed the over stage truss as the Wembley Arch. No doubt everything else will garner a new name as the season progresses. The build is in full swing now but life on site is tough with tons of equipment dotted about the place. In future years this will all be a much smoother process; structures will be set in their rightful place this year and the template simply followed in future builds. So getting the mezzanine and seating absolutely spot on for heights and distances took a while. The mezzanine will be a nice place to enjoy a drink that is for sure. You can see pictures of the build by clicking the link to the right. The photos do not actually give a proper idea of the scale of things to be frank. I stood at the back of the seating terrace (with four more rows still to go on!) and I got vertigo. Actually, it is very pleasing to note that the new theatre appears to be maintaining a sense of intimacy which was a major concern of everyone at the start of the project. The other very big worry was the acoustic performance of the canopy. I am pleased to report that if anything, the acoustic sounds better - the many peaks appear to be doing their job of deflecting sound downwards in a focused way. It will be fascinating to hear a cast and chorus on stage for the first time. The lighting rig is up too and the stage is built.

Now it will all be about finishings, plants and decorative elements to really finish it all off. Not to mention floors and cover for around the site. An intense two or three weeks beckons.

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