Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back on the Blog

It has been a few years since this blog was active but with Facebook, Twitter, and other online nonsense having grown exponentially in the intervening period since my last post, it seems almost foolish not to draw you all in to read the musings of me and others. Both James and I have opened Twitter accounts and we shall no doubt tweet and broadcast the minutiae of our working (or otherwise) lives through the spring and summer, but we would be nobody if we were not Twits.

I managed to keep things fairly regular(?) when I last committed to this blog and I shall try to do so again. It is possible that there will be something interesting amongst it all. If you subscribe I can promise little more than humble observations and fulsome praise of the OHP team and as few words as possible about me. Which is a relief for you all.

It is less than a month until we begin the canopy build and then the whole furious process begins in full sometime in early April; operationally there have been interesting developments and the theatre site is set fair to look better than ever in 2010. We spend much time working on and developing the Inspire project (see the website for info) but soon we'll need to turn and look the season full square in the face. First one to blink...

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