Thursday, 25 February 2010


On this almost balmy, damp morning (cafe in Fulham this time) I'm pondering the concept of Pandora's Box; we appear to have opened it - or at least the floodgates if you permit me to mix metaphors. Having launched the Inspire Project in January lots of professionals within the council and beyond have commendably and from a standing start, very quickly realised the profound results that music and cultural experience can deliver in very challenging fields. It is worth keeping an eye on the website section relating to Inspire. Of course that also means much time is spent developing ideas and structure so we can deliver them but the season draws ever nearer; the sweat is fine but I'd prefer to avoid the blood and tears.

The symphony in green that is the artificial grass forecourt in front of Holland House is in need of protection from the construction about to begin. The ground in front of the house is usually scarred and trenched so that a site inspection can feel like a walk in the South Downs. Now, we have a billiard table by comparison and it must be treated with reverence. Not all of our contractors are happy about the new era of gentleness we have induced (the roof arrives in early March) but to help them we'll lay a lavish carpet of (sustainably produced!) plywood. Two hundred sheets of the stuff arrive soon but the upside is that when we remove the theatre, a magical and instant scene of architectural loveliness will appear. I intend to invite Gardener's World down for a one hour special.

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