Thursday, 1 April 2010

I am becoming something of an expert on fabric engineering. I had to look at something the rigger felt it was easier to explain if he actually showed me. Showing me meant being sixty odd feet off the ground in the basket of a cherry picker. Now I'm not particularly afraid of heights but the space (way, way) above my head is not my normal working environment. Maintaining my dignity and authority was paramount in the circumstances and as we lifted slowly into the air I was nonchalance personified, leaning casually against the guard rail, chatting amiably as if a raconteur at the bar. In truth I was positioning my body to obscure the rigger's view of the one thing that would betray me; the gleaming white of my knuckles. It was an astounding view though and it was fascinating to see the genuine beauty of the structure from a new perspective. These fabric buildings really are the most exquisite and naturally formed architecture.

Next week is a big one and we all wait excitedly to see how the new backstage is going to look. The seats come in too and by the end of the week 90 percent of the theatre will be in place. And soon after that the first two productions begin music rehearsals.

Things in the office are picking up pace and Julia is coping well with the demands - the season magazine is in full flow and the first events are at advanced planning stages. Meanwhile we hope the snow from the north doesn't descend beyond Birmingham.

Two months today until first night.

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