Monday, 12 April 2010


It would be dreary to lay out the myriad work going on at the theatre site so suffice to say there is a lot of it and it is happening at great pace. There are annoying glitches that take time to remedy (seating structures two inches out of whack etc) and we constantly chase the new works with suddenly appearing issues that need further remedy. Still we are a month ahead of where we would usually be and there is time, when everybody has left site next week, to begin fine tuning. Stu is in the heart of the maelstrom and is coping admirably in his calm stoical way. When I mentioned this to him the other day he said "drowning, not waving" - but then he laughed because I think he saw the fear in my eyes. Then I laughed too - with the fear still in my eyes - and Stu marched off to solve another problem. Indeed, he is a real utility player who I have just remembered is also a trained actor so he can record all the house announcements as well - although the Aussie twang will need to be curtailed!

Things are progressing so well I feel able to take two of my kids to Beachy Head for a couple of days. Given the history and reputation of the place I won't tell Stu where I'm going in case he asks to tag along. Actually, in view of the irritation James is having right now with some casting replacements I'm only glad he is at the other end of the country as well.

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