Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Up with the lark and in at site by seven tomorrow - we begin the process of internal walling for the backstage and need to check final layouts. I can honestly (but a little sheepishly) say that I am like a kid with a new toy over the new backstage. It all feels very similar to when, at five years old, we went to visit our new flat to which we would soon move from our cosy slum in Shepherds Bush. The flat had a bath and I insisted that I sit in it because I had never seen a fitted bath before. The contrast between the previous cabin village and this new facility is about as vast as my slum and the new flat. Actually, I think my slum was better appointed than our old backstage.

Today was crazy and rewarding - so much has risen from the ground in one day. At this rate - touch wood etc etc - the company will arrive to a beautifully finished theatre for a change. I have already decided what changes I am making next year!

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