Saturday, 15 May 2010

By jove we've done it

I dropped by the theatre on the way to a shopping trip with the kids (on FA Cup Final day!!) and found the site sparkling with an army of cleaners buzzing around and all but the very smallest things and some horticultural primping yet to do. I know the company have never come into such a finished site and I hope the buggers appreciate it: I shall patrol and mount snap inspections to ensure that all members of the company are keeping things in good order! I left the theatre barking at Dougie, our company manager, that he had better keep his house in order. I could see that behind his derisory chuckling he knew I meant business.
He had better beware because I learned my inspection techniques at boarding school under the tutelage of our Matron, Pam Dobie - a ferocious Scot with a dust radar the CAA would appreciate.

Now it is two weeks of madness before the 3 months of pandemonium: soon James enters the early 'eclipse' and before you can say boo to a peacock we'll have six live productions. In fact this year, with FMF we have seven of them. Lunacy really.
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