Friday, 7 May 2010


With about 70 seats still to declare the new parliament looks well hung with several unruly members ejected and a few new ones about to enter the house.
We could end up doing it all over again in a few months - weeks even. Hopefully the populous will return to something resembling normality now?

Everybody is a full pelt in the office and there is no shortage of additional demand on our time from other aspects of the business. Positive signs emanate from the rehearsal rooms which underpins everything so we have reason to be optimistic. James and I are thinking of some glitzy, interesting people to interview for our occasional podcast series (so watch this space) and the final week of the build is about to begin - mostly frilly-shirt work left now..
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Stuart said...

Hi Michael, trying to book tickets from overseas through the website, but won't open.

Michael Volpe said...

Hi Stuart
I am sorry - it seems the RBKC network is down. I have redirected the domain straight to the ticket booking pages so use that address and you should be able to book your tickets.
Thanks and apologies again.