Monday, 3 May 2010

OK, enough already

We have reached the point where we just want every contractor finished and off site so we can beautify the place. True to say this final technical piece of the jigsaw is the stuff that actually makes us a theatrical space - it will also contribute to the beautification. Anyway even the weekend deluge couldn't dampen spirits although a few carpets were..

Getting back onto the other part of the business will be good too with lots to look forwards to. Planning radio and press slots for the first two shows and starting to get a picture of the productions as they develop in the rooms is always exciting. The way shows grow and emerge from the rehearsal room is endlessly fascinating; so too is seeing the cast begin to realise what it is they are a part of. Sometimes they can't really tell until they are on-stage, with sets and lights and the real space and then it dawns. It is a wonderful process and productions come vividly to life - sometimes most extravagantly only when performed to an audience. Good noises are coming from both the Pelleas and Carmen rooms so here's hoping.

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