Monday, 7 June 2010

A week has passed since my last contribution to this blog. It was a week of high drama and deluge, heat and great rewards for the company: Pelleas has mesmerised and Carmen has delivered the goods in two utterly different productions that have perfectly encapsulated the versatility of OHP. The challenge that Pelleas presents was made all the more daunting by first night monsoon rain one couldn't help feeling was trying to tell us something. It began to fall at 6pm and didn't cease until we locked the gates five hours later. But the show triumphed over adversity and in particular the CLS played for its lives. We may have a roof but the damp and chill permeate everything and the company fought hard. By the second night of Pelleas, the climate presented us with sun and warmth, like an apologetic, defeated bully. Looking at the forecast, it seems the rain will try again tonight, but it won't win.
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