Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Two rather mountainous challenges are approaching fast - Forza and Francesca. Both are magnificent and Francesca presents us with another opportunity to establish parts of the repertoire in our audience's collective minds. Indeed, we are presenting the public with a challenge of their own - and its not without its benefits to either side. Seven hundred people will have the chance to explore Francesca (and we hope that many of them will be first time opera goers too) free of charge - the 'challenge' is that if, as we believe they will, they like it they can make a donation to our Friends and thus help continue the Inspire Project among other things. Restaurants have been doing this for years; pay what you think the meal is worth etc. So it isn't as innovative a scheme as it first sounds but I am not sure it has been done in opera before. Point is, we believe people take these challenges in the spirit they are intended and we look forward to the feedback. Someone has to expand the rep! Anyway, if you want to take up the Opera Challenge, call the box office on 0845 2309769.
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