Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Here we go again, I suppose

As the turn of the year approaches, I feel a need to begin droning on to the public again - it helps configure my thoughts for the myriad details that need attention.  Once entered, the first few months of the New Year pass at the speed of a blink and then the first night is upon us. It is a peculiar phenomenon I haven't once failed to be amazed by.

2010 was a good year; a hit season, the birth of Fantastic Mr Fox (returning in 2011) and the accolade from the Sunday Times at the end of the year as Best Opera Company.  But the politics of the nation place pressure on us, our paymasters and our audience. A wonderful selection of operas in 2011 will need to deliver on their promise. We have new donors, new partners, much interest and growing support. The next few years hold so much to look forward to - and many potential pitfalls to avoid.

So as we step back onto the roller coaster, I will try, for whatever it is worth, to keep you abreast. I can't promise I will be terribly disciplined about it but I'll do my best.

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