Tuesday, 4 January 2011


The starter gun has sounded. Dougie, our company manager, was haranguing me about lighting needs today, a sure sign things are hotting up. Heavy snow warnings are in place for London this weekend which means it must be time to encourage our audience to think about the summer, we are about to report on the first year of our Inspire Project and the new box office server needs attention. the 2012 season is a whisker away from being finalised (and announced) and meetings to see the set models of upcoming productions are imminent. Site work begins soon and the contractors will all be in for a briefing within a fortnight or so.
Charities having gala nights are coming in to discuss things and there is, as ever a this time of year, the ridiculously familiar realisation that we only have six months to go! You would think we would be used it it by now wouldn't you? Perhaps it is good we feel the pressure as opposed to having a more relaxed and calm approach. Who wants that, eh?

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