Friday, 25 March 2011

Fantastic Mr Fox rides again

Yesterday, our annual brainstorm by the river in Barnes (well Hammersmith, but Barnes sounds better) was blessed for the third year running by beautiful weather. Today the forecast is for 18 degrees. I am making the most of it since there is every chance the sun will go back into hiding for weeks. It is a very useful exercise, the away day. So much from last years ideas 'dump' has been implemented since and it helps focus the mind. Having breaks by the sun drenched Thames helps.

Our production of Fantastic Mr Fox seems to be occupying much of our time in the office at the moment because there is a ridiculous demand for it. I think we could sell performances of it until  Christmas. We have increased the number for this season already but we still have people calling us and offering to buy private performances! That is obviously a testament to Dahl of course but the real reason, I think -in our case at least- is the way in which we have set it. James made a perfect call on both that and the decision to cut the piece to a very palatable length. It is a very up close and personal production and kids really do love that. If I might say so, there is a very good little film about our production here.

More 'stuff' arrives at the theatre everyday and the build is well and truly underway. The canopy gleams after a good scrub too..

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