Thursday, 21 April 2011

An Everest to climb

The wavy line of progress with the build continues to frustrate. Every year we make it more efficient and quicker too, but that only demonstrates how much quicker still we could make it. One solution often produces another problem or even more enraging is the solution that only solves ninety percent of the problem! Still, we are ahead of schedule and the theatre stands tall.  The fantastic cent weather has ben a lift but means we haven't yet been able to test the new drainage we installed along the canopy line. Now we are into finishing and aesthetics so the frilly shirt needs an airing. I have some sympathy with those erecting the new house at Garsington because I remember the strange blend of excitement and dread that a brand new temporary building can give you. Good luck to them.

Yesterday morning was spent conducting a photo shoot at Leighton House with two of our leading ladies for the season - Anna Leese and Elizabeth Llewellyn. Both are very much on the rise in this business and they took to their modelling tasks with aplomb. The terrific photographer Laurie Lewis (still works with film, no lights..aaah) did the shots so I look forward to seeing the results.

Rehearsals begin on Tuesday so the office is buzzing with anticipation. I have a wedding to plan as well and a two year old to toilet train although to be fair, Sally tends to deal with the consequences more than I do.

I shouldn't complain. I just learned that a friend is near the summit of Everest on his latest jaunt. He does that sort of thing. He once won a foot slog man-hauling race to the North Pole.

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