Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The pits

With two productions in full rehearsal now, time is running out on the theatre build. It is good to report, then, that we are nearly finished with only the beautification (and a mammoth clean)to come. The biggest aesthetic change this year that most will notice is a lovely new orchestra pit and floor to the front of the seating. Deeper, with sweeping curves, it is a very significant development, giving conductors a more condensed and focused orchestral set up. Conducting will feel less like watching a tennis match now. We have also introduced a riot of colour into the site with lots of new planting and some new exotically filled pots to come. The frilly shirts are out again.

Artistically, the first two productions are very strongly cast with two brilliant directors at the helm so hopes are high. L'amico Fritz really is a lovely way to spend a summer evening and Stephen Barlow has some great ideas about Don Pasquale. Here's hoping for a splendid start to the season.


Vecchio John said...

Does this mean better sight lines from the front rows with the new pit? I once spent a whole performance staring down a tuba.
Very much looking forward to the new season and hoping for a summery avalanche im Wally.

Michael Volpe said...

I think and hope so John. All the front rows are a step higher than before and the pit itself is not as wide so we hope to see plenty of improvement.