Monday, 29 January 2007

Clive James, where are you?

OK, it is time for the bloggersphere, biosblog or whatever it is to perform a useful purpose for me.

I want to speak to Clive James. I want him to do a podcast with us. Mr James is an opera fan of immense passion, is possibly the funniest writer known to man (NEVER read a Clave James book in public) and frankly, I think he’d be a brilliant podcast guest. You may wonder why I don’t write to his agent? Well, I have. You may ask why I haven’t tried to contact his website? I have. You see, after a while, one starts to feel like a stalker as opposed to a serious opera manager who wants to offer Mr James a way (probably unwanted) of spending a couple of entertaining hours. The irony is that at one time, I was in touch with him. He even said he would write a programme note for me. I’ll set aside the suspicion that he probably thought I was a stalker then too. So coupled with his formative history in Holland Park (read his books) and his love of opera, combined with our past correspondence, he couldn’t possibly refuse. So that’s it. I want to go mano a mano with the Green Flash from Kogorah. So anyone who might possibly read this and who has the man’s ear – get in touch. should do it. Mr James is already a legend. I offer him immortality. You know it makes sense, even if he doesn’t.

I dare not say the words “the theatre procurement is almost finished”. So I won’t.

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