Friday, 2 February 2007

Speaking too soon

With the final comment of my last posting I tempted Fate. Fate couldn't resist and a big shiny bug entered the procurement process today. Actually, it's not that big, but it means more paperwork for sure and a round of meetings I could do without. This theatre had better be bloody beautiful.

The arrival of February means a few more hairs stand on end. Only two and a half months will have to elapse before the theatre build begins (shiver) but all seems to be on course production-wise and minds will begin to turn towards 2008. If that doesn’t sound especially impressive, one need only think of how we used to programme the seasons when it could be only 6 months before a show opened that we learned what the show would actually be.

Remarkably, someone did contact me regarding Clive James. And then I learn from the BBC website that he is about to begin presenting a new show on Radio 4. The man, having been out of the TV and radio spotlight since 2001, has his mug all over the place. Either my timing is impeccable, or it’s rubbish. I have yet to determine which.

BTW - it’s official. Clarinda cannot make coffee.

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