Saturday, 24 March 2007

Goodness gracious

April is knocking on the door. Over 1100 Friends' forms have gone through the system and there are a few hundred more to go. The high demand for L'amore is gratifying of course but so too the excitement that obviously surrounds Lakme.

Phone systems for the box office have occupied time this week. We had some problems last season so the technical teams are keen to avoid a repeat performance (their eardrums cannot take it). So I need to write some scripts for the hold and queuing messages. I guess the lovely dulcet tones of Kate will once again be the voice of OHP.

Monday sees another ex-Kings graduate start work as our Friends administrator. Very bright, very motivated, I am sure she will be a big hit.

The holes in the ground proliferate. I cannot speak anymore of it. I want it done. Then I will eulogise until the peacocks roost.

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