Saturday, 10 March 2007


A blizzard of questions from the Planners about the canopy characterised the week- questions we thought had been answered. If they had been answered, more detail was required along with drawings we already thought had been supplied. If they had been supplied, more detail was required. You get the idea. Mike Harth, our operations manager got busy on his CAD program. His wife has just had their first baby so he had better get used to doing things over and over and over again.

Chelsea were drawn against Valencia in the Champions League. I'd like to see Valencia but the day of the match coincides with the day the box office opens to the public. Since there is a crazy deluge of calls on that day, I need to be around to help solve any problems (which invariably means shouting down the phone at a technician about how, since MY life is flashing before my eyes, his ought to be doing the same etc etc). Flights to Valencia rose to ridiculous levels on the announcement of the match so I think it would involve a circuitous route featuring Madrid and a train (only 12 Euros for a long journey - UK train companies take note). This Sunday, Chelsea play Tottenham in the FA Cup. Since James is a life-long Spurs fan, Monday morning might be tinged with tension.

Tonight I am probably off to see a friend in Gubbay's Butterfly at the Albert Hall. I'm not a great fan of the piece since I think it features some of Puccini's dullest "filler". It does, though, feature one of his most exquisite musical phrases (bimba dagli occhi etc). I might not last the course.

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