Friday, 5 March 2010

A coiled spring

The third crisp blue sky of the week greets us this morning. Spring hasn't sprung but it is ready to leap forth. The BBC weatherman was beside himself as he breathlessly predicted a 'really balmy day with highs of - just look at that! - NINE degrees celsius'. Small mercies but mercies nevertheless as the trucks carrying our roof are readying themselves for the journey to London. The delivery of the steel and cables and the preparatory work of the next week pre-empt the lifting of the spectacular structure by the end of this month.

The spotlight falls onto the 2011 season today, quickly followed by the 2012 plans. The Bonynge Gala is also very much to the fore today as well and, believe it or not a big Christmas event is taking spectacular shape too.

Fiora is still less than 100 percent and had us awake at half five this morning; by the time she had to go to nursery she was ready for bed again and so were we. Thankfully the emetic flourishes of the weekend look to have been a one-off and the carpets are recovering well.

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