Monday, 8 March 2010

The Whole Heart

Freezing. Absolutely perishing, but dry and bright which will do. The cold is being held at bay by my macchiato and the beautiful interlude from Francesca da Rimini 'Per la Terra Di Maggio'. Lithe and dreamy, its solo cello and angelic chorus are enough to warm the heart. My ears are kept warm by enormous headphones which, whilst delivering an unrivalled audio experience (for me and anybody within twelve yards) make my head look like a croquet mallet if I'm in silhouette. One must suffer for one's art but not so much that I don't wear a hood to hide the equipment.

Zandonai's opera really is, like L'amore dei tre Re, an exciting prospect. Infused with music that you are frequently left open mouthed by there is a palpable sense that we have a real treat in store for audiences. The company puts their whole heart into such jewels although that is no guarantee of course; I read somewhere that even when working with the whole heart you are bound to suffer failures from time to time and often the whole heart is the reason.. But it is a good starting point. Right now, the whole heart has to get me over Kilimanjaro on a bike so I'll bid you farewell - a domani.

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