Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Back again

After two evenings off it is back into the fray tonight with several events at the performance to deal with. The past two weeks have shown the capricious nature of public opinion with wildly differing feedback on the first two productions. Taken across the piece I'd say we have done an average of seven out of ten which given the challenges presented by both Carmen and Pelleas is quite an achievement. The next two productions offer something again and the final two are now also in production; mouthwatering reports emanate from all rehearsal rooms. This also means that we have entered the period known in the office as The Eclipse - when all six productions are 'live'. At this point of the season James manages the not inconsiderable feat of charging around managing the productions whilst simultaneously adopting the Thousand Yard Stare. All of this and the worries of the World Cup to consider. One can easily discern the optimism of the English by looking at the Fidelio sales. All performances are either sold out or down to a last few - except for the one on the evening of the World Cup Final.
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