Thursday, 10 February 2011


It was a lovely evening at the National Army Museum last night where we provided some music for the opening of their exhibition about wives and sweethearts. Meeting Dame Vera Lynn, a genuine claimant to the title of 'Force's Sweetheart' was a real pleasure. Meeting Kate Adie, another legend in my eyes, was an added bonus although the instinct is to check there are no explosions behind her. Among the top brass, MOD and other guests were a pleasingly large number of supporters of OHP although I did happen across a General threatening James with a court martial if we ever turned into Glyndebourne. I could have sworn he was standing to attention at the time -and so was James. I gave out lots of business cards so I expect some instructional emails soon but if the Green Jackets turn up in armoured personnel carriers I will know that James's General has had enough.

The exhibition is very touching and there has been a lot of press for it recently - I suppose it really is 'of the moment', sadly. Good luck to them with it.

I am itching to talk about our new sponsors (I am at another museum tonight for an event with them) but unfortunately the time is not yet right - another fortnight or so should do it.


Charlotte said...

Hi. I was at the launch of Wives and Sweethearts last week and loved the first song that OHP sung. Can you tell me what it was? I couldn't remember when I got home to look it up.

Thank you


Michael Volpe said...

"My Heart and I" by Richard Tauber from his operetta "Old Chelsea".

Charlotte said...

Thank you - I'll look it up.