Monday, 7 February 2011

A week of events to which we are contributing. I say contributing because they are not ours but they all indicate the growing web of relationships that the company continues to develop. One is of particular significance because it is our first with our new sponsor, news of which I will hopefully be able to give soon. The other is at the National Army Museum who we are in the early stages of a relationship with. You may wonder what the Army has to do with opera but the imperatives of a museum are not too dissimilar to that of an opera company in the same borough; both are looking to engage with youngsters and to draw links between all kinds of history and culture. When you stop and think about it, you tend to find all manner of ways in which to work together.

It is only one month until we begin the build. Ambassadors and Friends begin booking this week too, which is always the most obvious sign things are on the move and although it is still cold, the light available during the day is increasing. Phones in the office light up once patrons start to receive information so Julia will have her hands full with that for a while!

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