Thursday, 9 June 2011

Up and galloping

Tuesday night saw us get underway with Don Pasquale...a fantastic reaction from the audience and a respectful one from the press so far with occasional florid praise from certain quarters. Lots of crits to come so we shall see what picture merges. Nevertheless, there is some wonderful singing and comedy gold to be had.

Patrons have been full of praise too, for the theatre  and the large zebras (yes, zebras) look surreal and beautiful and give quite a few shocks as people round various corners! I am growing to love our zebras and at the Fritz dress last night, I barked at two young people who approached them menacingly to have their photos taken with one of them. Don't touch the  zebras!

Speaking of the Fritz dress....well, I know I get emotional about these things and that this repertoire pushes all my buttons but it really is gorgeous. It is delightful for sure, but it has real heart when it matters. And the music....inventive, emotional, huge at times. Stuart Stratford and the CLS rendered the intermezzo thrillingly and powerfully. As for Anna Leese....I think I am going to let you all decide on that one.....but it is a treat, as is Eric Margiore as Fritz, making his London debut. A smashing reaction from the dress rehearsal audience gives us great hope and we cannot wait.

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