Friday, 3 June 2011

Almost there

I haven't completed this blog for a wee while...the wedding intervened and things have been hectic at the theatre. It looks in great shape and having the orchestra in the new pit has been great although of course giving them such a bright new toy has led to further expectation! Two sitzprobes have been a joy when it comes to the kind of sound we can now produce.

Both of the first productions look terrific. Stephen Barlow's take on Don Pasquale is as well observed as ever and cuts right to the heart of the piece. Annalise Miskimmon's Fritz is delicious fun and throughout both there is some top class singing. Richard Bonynge is bringing masterful delicacy and insight to the music of Donizetti and Stuart Stratford, fully engaged as he is on his Mascagni odyssey, is drawing all the heart and soul from Fritz...including some revelatory detail that I had previously allowed to pass me by; there really is some quite astounding invention in Mascagni's writing.

This weekend is all about cleaning, sprucing up, raking, clipping and flourishes of invention. And then we are off. Wish us luck.

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